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We did a small group private event. We had the best time!! The ladies that instructed us were amazing, and we all left with a project we would actually love displaying in our home. Not to mention, the owner Stacie, was super helpful when our registration process didn't go smoothly for some of the ladies as it did for others. We can't wait to go back!! Great idea for gifts and just for a night out. Love Hammer & Satin DFW.

Brandy Hulsey

I absolutely loved the experience. Having complete creative control of the entire project was amazing. I also appreciated being able to work at my own pace and not held back or sped up based on the rest of the class participants. I'll definitely be back, project ideas are fresh and fun.

Colleen Baker

This was so much fun!! I went with a friend of mine and we are both fairly new mothers and teachers of kindergarten and 1st graders (can you imagine our stress levels :) lol!) This was the perfect place for a bit of calming and relaxation! The atmosphere was very warm and relaxing! The event was very well organized and the employees constantly, yet in a very subtle way check in on us and kept it moving! The owner was very professional, humble and generously accommodating!! We will definitely be coming back! I cannot wait for more event opportunities to open up!! Everything was selling out QUICK!

Mrs. Kandace Wilcox

Mini Maker VIP Group

We love to party!