The Mind Of A SBO

The Greatest Asset We Have In A World Filled Of Chaos Is Our WHY


How do I keep doing what I love, keep the lights on, rents paid and shield myself from the worst of the downturn ahead?

Should I return to the corporate world or take a part-time position? Should I reinvent my business even more for these changing times?

Approximately 60% of businesses that closed during the crisis won't be reopening, according to several economic impact reports released in September of 2020. Will I be one of the statistics?  

I have robbed Peter to pay Paul and now all my Peter is gone. I have no idea what I am going to do. I have to have money to make money.

Lets be honest, entrepreneurs like myself, love owning a small business but it isn't always glamours. The sacrifices we have made, especially during a pandemic, are considerable.

My business depends on foot traffic and I operate on a very thin margin. How do I get people in my store when so many are scared of catching the virus. What are my next steps?

This is the time, for all of us, small businesses owners to pause, look at everything and say, "Where am I now? What was working? What wasn't working?" But most importantly ask yourself the question, "What is my WHY?" "Why did I start a small business, why is this so important to me, why am I still hanging on? Why do I feel alone, helpless and so angry?" I know I feel like a failure and a let down to my family and myself. I also know this was no fault of my own but I can't help feeling this way. I feel like I have been on the biggest emotional and financial roller coster for the past 6 months and I am beyond ready to just jump off!

So what did I do? I sat down and went back to the basics of why I started my small business. We all need to get back to our WHY to figure out if we have the sacrifice, determination and resilience left in us to keep our businesses going. You have to remember that you already started your business and beat the odds in keeping your business running and successful. You need to remember your WHY to understand that you have what it takes to turn this around and millions of people all over the United States are pulling for small business like us to make it. 

Everyones WHY is different. What is your purpose in owning a small business? If you don't know what your WHY is you have no reason to improve the situation that you are in. What makes you so special? What sets you apart from the competition? Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? Your WHY will pull you through when you feel like all is lost. Your WHY will keep you fighting and pushing forward. No one can give you the answer to this question. What is your WHY? Remember where you came from. What set your soul on fire and gave you that passion and drive. Your WHY is the reason you will fight for your dreams, that you will not take NO for an answer. 

Communities are slowly starting to open back up and that means we have a small window to decide what we are going to do. When I went back to my WHY I made the decision to fight to stay open. I have made the decision to put everything I have into my small business and restructure how I am conducting business based on the times we are in currently. It is truly like starting over but I am determined to succeed! 

Like you, my income took a big hit because of the shutdown putting me behind on everything I own. The state of the economy is uncertain and very scary and so many of us are suffering. But remember a challenged economy also presents opportunities. The question is how are we going to survive this? Well, when you find your WHY you will discover that entrepreneurs, like ourselves, look for new solutions! When times are tough small business owners discover opportunities among the obstacles.  

Will you be the Take Charge entrepreneur or the I Am Throwing The Towel In It's Too Hard Type? Now is the time to increase your marketing, not cut back. Post Post Post!! You have to find ways to market that are effective in achieving your goals while watching your bottom line. What happened to all of us was unique and the entire world was hit at the same time. Everyone knows what happened to business owners was no one business owner's fault. That makes customers more understanding of our situations and more willing to help out. The key is to offer something that is new and meets their current needs as well as you have served them in the past. 

There is always a reason to do nothing. But nothing isn't going to help you revive, survive and thrive in owning a small business. Find your WHY and lets get our businesses back up and running. Lets start brainstorming and coming up with ways to keep our doors open! 

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