Your private event is booked, Now what?

hostes guide 

Welcome and THANK YOU for your interest in booking your party with us! We love to provide family, friends and co-workers with a space to unplug, unwind and, my personal favorite, a workshop filed with lots of laughter. Your workshop is going to be filled with memories that will last a life time and we would like to give you, the Host, a rundown as to what to expect. 

You and your guests are registering for a unfinished project and a customized one time use stencil we create based off the design notes we receive during registration. It is highly encouraged for all guests to take a look at the Facebook Photo Album for a gallery reference. If your guest already has a design they would like for us to create they can upload a picture during the registration process. We do not replicate another designers images but we can use it as inspiration to give all guests their desired project idea design. 

The Day of

Your guests will get to choose their paint and stain colors the day of the workshop. We are a BYOB and food establishment and you are welcome to bring decorations for celebrations. We do not have a ice machine or refrigerator so you may want to bring a cooler. Workshops usually last about 3 hours sometimes longer depending on the person.  

You are welcome to contact us anytime for questions. We encourage our Host to create Facebook events so everyone can ask questions and get their registration links. Every guest should receive a email with a four digit confirmation number to confirm they have registered. They must put their email in when registering in order to receive their confirmation email. 


We are committed not only to bringing you the best experience we can but also a stress free process for you and your guests!